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When an incident of any type, for example, security, privacy, health, safety, occurs many organizations react in a semi-coordinated manner which lacks consistency from incident to incident. The knowledge of how these incidents will affect the business is also often lacking or misunderstood. After a particular incident has been dealt with, learning from what happened and how it was resolved is patchy and somewhat ad-hoc.


SureCloud’s Incident Management software centralizes, automates and simplifies incident management by providing a framework for tracking context, consistency and continuous improvement to the process of handing incidents. Different types of incidents can be managed from a single register each having different workflow and activity as required. Incident response and remediation is driven from a library of activities automatically.

SureCloud’s Incident Management solution also links into risk and controls to provide a better understanding of control effectiveness and the actual impact/likelihood of risk. Open incidents can also be tracked in real time through live dashboard charts and reports and managed through to closure with SureCloud’s Incident Management software .

Incident Management Features

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Incident Register

Incident Register

Log and classify incidents in a central register that can be populated by any user in the organization or limited to a central management team.

Incident Assessment

Incident Assessment

Use the structured workflow for facilitators to detail and submit an incident for approval before notifying regulators and affected stakeholders.

Incident Variants

Incident Variants

Manage and report multiple incidents types such as security, privacy, health and safety. Designate responsible and accountable users for each incident type for approvals and escalations.

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