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SureCloud has worked with key ISF community members to develop an application (Risk Manager for IRAM2) that helps to consolidate the IRAM2 risk assessment process.

Expert Webcast presented by COO Nick Rafferty and Head of Products, Oliver Vitisen at SureCloud.

This application complements the ISF world class methodology that helps risk practitioners as well as other business and technology leaders apply a simple, practical, rigorous approach to managing risks.

Key takeaways from this webcast:

  • How dashboards can show progress across multiple assessments with the ability to drill to detail instantly
  • How in-built workflow can automate each stage to the key stakeholders delivering productivity gains
  • How SureCloud shared libraries, for example Assets, Threats, and Controls, enable organizations to streamline the process by reusing content across assessments
  • How risk management closely interacts with other GRC areas such as compliance, audit, policy, business continuity and incidents

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