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User training is an essential part of any successful GRC software implementation. It’s not unusual for software solutions to be delivered with little or no training. When training is provided, often the focus is on technical aspects and delivered in a one-off session.

Provide business context for all employees

Our GRC software training puts our GRC products into context for you, by teaching your end users why the solution is important to them and how they can directly benefit. We can train groups of users or your in-house trainers, our workshops can be presentation-led or computer-based learning.

Online access to a wealth of information

Our online knowledge center can be used to boost user adoption by providing easy access to documentation and ‘how to’ articles for our GRC products empowering users with the insight they need.

Visit here.

Your organisation can benefit from…

  • Technical training in context
  • Better user adoption
  • Flexible training options
  • Dedicated ‘Knowledge’ function

Improve user adoption and understanding of your GRC investment.
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