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Phishing remains one of the biggest, most successful attack vectors and one of the most common ways in which organizations are compromised. Employee’s lack of education and awareness on targeted phishing attacks, along with a lack of controls to spot and identify the attacks leaves organizations vulnerable which can be costly and even business ending.


SureCloud’s Phishing Simulator looks to initially identify as many employee email addresses as possible using various passive reconnaissance techniques. The team would then build a web page and launch a very targeted attack against your organization in an attempt to obtain user credentials and, in turn, access the network remotely. Our experts even craft these phishing simulations to bypass two-factor authentication mechanisms.

This will be a carefully planned and executed phishing attack, designed to achieve the maximum ‘hit’ rate and simulate a real world (targeted) attack against your organization and its employees. We would look, for example, to send out an email (and associated page) to prompt users to login to complete an internal survey or similar. The exact scenario and planned ‘attack’ would be discussed further and authorized by you before it commences.

Once our Phishing Simulator has been implemented we would deliver the findings via the SureCloud platform for your organization to review. By the end of the Phishing Simulator service your company should be well-informed and prepared for an attack should one ever truly occur, reinventing the way your business manages risk.

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