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Drawing on over a decade of experience in testing various types of web applications across a range of different clients, SureCloud’s team of highly-experienced web application cybersecurity experts have a combined skillset between them that cover the majority of web application programming languages, which includes a detailed knowledge of attack vectors that still affect corporate and consumer websites today.

The team bases its approach on the OWASP methodology as well incorporating tests tailored to the individual specifications of an application to ensure that we are able to work with our clients to further enhance their web application’s configuration and security posture. Going beyond the OWASP methodology the SureCloud team constantly update their knowledge, toolsets, and processes to ensure that websites are defended against the latest threats in an ever-changing landscape.


of organizations say their current cyber defences are not enough


of organizations have experienced at least one cybersecurity breach or attack in the past 12 months


of US companies admitted that they have ignored a critical security flaw, citing a lack of necessary skills

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