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Organisations that utilise an Information Security Management System Awareness, are already or are looking to operate a mature-security model will incorporate security awareness training for internal staff members. SureCloud’s awareness training is structured to provide organisations and their employees with understanding of common threats they may experience to both cyber and information security. This training then assists employees with recognising these threats and allows staff to confidently and appropriately respond to them, such as detailing the countermeasures that can be adopted.

User awareness training can be tailored with results following social engineering engagements, where we will develop and deliver specific education for your organisation to correct existing issues and prepare against future attacks.

All training is delivered by our cybersecurity experts who are knowledgeable about cyber, physical, and general security issues that companies regularly face.

SureCloud can provide general awareness training on the various types of social engineering attacks (such as phishing, vishing, smishing), how to identify physical security risks (such as where controls such as RFID door systems are not satisfactory), good password practices and operational hygiene, with a resulting focus on how best to react and manage any threats to these.


of organizations say their current cyber defences are not enough


of organizations have experienced at least one cybersecurity breach or attack in the past 12 months


of US companies admitted that they have ignored a critical security flaw, citing a lack of necessary skills

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