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It can often be difficult for organisations to gain a holistic understanding of their current cyber security posture and risk landscape. This is predominantly due to the evolving complexity of an organisation’s operating environment, compliance requirements and geographical challenges.

Focus on what matters

SureCloud Risk Advisory offers a range of services to support organisations in assessing and baselining their environment(s) against industry best practice. As well as understanding and prioritising those areas which are most critical in achieving their business objectives.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

SureCloud’s cyber security risk assessment is designed to baseline your security posture against industry standards and best practice and results in a risk-focused security roadmap. With a focus on people, process and technology, SureCloud’s assessment methodology, leveraging the experience of our delivery consultants, builds relationships with key stakeholders. This enables us to provide business focus and achieve a holistic view of an organisation’s cyber risks. Therefore, allowing you to understand where risk mitigation is most effective.

Cloud Security Assurance Review

With the vast increase migrations to the cloud, we are working closely with our clients to ensure that security and privacy risks in this new environment are then robustly managed. Our cloud security review is designed to assess the security posture of your existing or proposed cloud environment. We will look at areas covering controls review, configuration, privacy implications and monitoring and reporting. We will provide you with focused business recommendations enabling you to make clear decisions on any changes needed.

Enterprise Security Assessment

For larger organisations looking to gain visibility of their security and risk profile, we offer an ESA (Enterprise Security Assessment). The ESA utilises a similar approach to the CSA but also combines an element of technical testing. The output of both consultancy and testing elements are delivered in a report or utilising the SureCloud platform. We will then present the findings, and more importantly, the next steps to your executive committee.

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