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As a swiftly growing provider of Cloud-based GRC applications and Cybersecurity services, SureCloud seeks partners looking to accelerate your success and ours primarily in North America.

SureCloud offers out-of-the-box GRC functionality that can help your customers gain and sustain compliance. We also offer accredited cybersecurity experts who can test, assess and address information security vulnerabilities.

SureCloud serves SMEs to large companies but sees great opportunity especially in the mid-range.

Big companies get big GRC and IT security solutions from big professional service firms. Small to medium enterprises face the same challenges but lack the budgets and resources and seek more agile, flexible and highly secure alternatives available from the Cloud.

SureCloud partners recognize the need of SMEs to get “what the big guys get” but at more budget-friendly prices, faster time to value, and easier delivery via a Cloud-accessible platform. Contact us to discuss the following opportunities.

Alliance Partners
Introduce SureCloud to your prospects who would benefit from automating spreadsheet/email-driven GRC processes and need sophisticated cybersecurity solutions.

Integrated Practice Partners
Package SureCloud applications and services as a part of your offering to customers.

Technology Partners
Align your complementary solutions to the SureCloud platform and extend your ecosystem.

Resell SureCloud applications and services.

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