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The world’s first Capability company

Headquartered in Reading with additional offices in London and the United States, we help organizations achieve desired Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) outcomes faster and with more confidence. 

Our Capability focused approach brings together the right combination of Gartner-recognized GRC software and world-class cyber and risk expertise in one place to provide a smarter solution to business-critical challenges, including IT Risk, Cyber Risk, Vendor Risk, Compliance, and Data Privacy. 

Our story

SureCloud was born in the cloud in 2006 when founders, Richard Hibbert and Nick Rafferty, pioneered Penetration Testing-as-a-Service (PTaaS), being the first to operationalize testing output through cloud technology. Fortune followed, and due to customer demand, our cloud technology quickly scaled to become a fully integrated Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform – the first cloud native solution to be recognized on Gartner’s Information Risk Management (IRM) Magic Quadrant. 

But we were just getting started. To complement our GRC platform, we set up an advisory practice. We knew the value of technology was limited without cyber and risk expertise, and with the two functions running side by side, the possibilities were limitless. Or so we thought. After closer examination of how customers were using our software and expertise in unison, it became clear we’d created a Capability delivery business. Customers were achieving their desired outcomes by uniting software and expertise in one place – with SureCloud – and this revelation has come to shape our current ambitions. 

Today, we run the business as one combined function where the software and expertise we provide is so tightly integrated that customers can achieve their desired business outcomes through Capabilities using just the SureCloud platform. Greater than the sum of its parts, our Capabilities put an end to poorly adopted software, sub-optimal risk management processes, and the risk of GRC program failure. SureCloud is the Capability company – see what we can do for you. 

Our mission

To inspire and empower people to challenge the status quo and create lasting change. 

Our mission is simple: to improve the world of GRC. We know Capabilities are the key to achieving this brighter future – it’s a new way of thinking that changes everything. Our passion for this new world is what powers our commitment each day. 

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